“I began wearing AMATERASU last week.....the changes in my inner life and outer life have begun! Even before I opened the package, I followed an impulse to put some furniture in an auction that just happened to be close by :)

The sizing of this bracelet is perfect.  It's light weight is wonderful because most of the time I'm not even aware of its presence. On the other hand, I feel like I'm developing a friendship with each of the stones; most intriguing.

Overall, I'm enjoying the process that this bond has initiated.  My feelings have changed.  I now feel like I'm on a treasure hunt.

My love and appreciation to you and all others who participated in the creation of these talismans.  I AM BLESSED!


Welcome to Sacred Stones

Transform your mind, body and spirit with a beautiful Sacred Stones gemstone bracelet created intentionally with your own personal spiritual journey in mind...

Your Sacred Stones gemstone bracelet is beaded with authentic crystals/gemstones selected for your own specific personality, personal growth, and particular issues with which you may need assistance, and then blessed in sacred ritual.

Each Sacred Stones crystal gemstone bracelet (amulet / talisman) is named to honor a specific, sacred Spirit Helper whose mystical qualities and energies are vibrationally aligned to the gemstones and crystals used. Channeled by a gifted intuitive channeler, the Spirit Helper's mystical and magical abilities empower and enhance your Sacred Stones jewelry's metaphysical gifts.

You may choose your bracelet based on crystal or gemstone, Spirit Helper, colour, or qualities - whatever appeals to you intuitively.

What makes Sacred Stones jewelry so unique?

With so many different gemstone bracelets, amulets and jewelry available online and in stores, why choose Sacred Stones gemstone bracelets? Because Sacred Stones gemstone bracelets are uniquely different, from any other jewelry you've ever owned, in many ways...

Personalized Hand-Beading

Because each bracelet is beaded by hand, the precise crystals and gemstones meant for your highest good are intuitively chosen, so each piece of jewelry is infused with the energy it was designed to embody.

Intuitively Channeled

All Sacred Stones gemstone bracelets have been 'read' by a gifted intuitive channeler (with over 30 years of experience with the mystical qualities of crystals and gemstones).

By tuning into the specific energetic powers of each bracelet's gemstone combination, she's channeled the type of person that each Sacred Stones bracelet is good for and how the bracelet's energies will specifically help that individual.

Coupled with my intense research into all of the metaphysical, spiritual and healing properties of the gemstones/crystals and the Spirit Helpers involved, each bracelet’s mystical qualities/characteristics are carefully detailed on a beautiful keepsake card for you to reference again and again.

Lastly, we've chosen the energy of a specific Spirit Helper (goddess, god, angel, fairy or power animal) whose mystical and magical abilities will empower and enhance the bracelet's power even more, and who can become a personal guide and ally to you in the spirit world.

Sacred Blessing

Your bracelet/amulet first goes through a three day cleanse that honors all five elements (metal, water, wood, fire, earth). It is then 'awakened' as it undergoes a sacred dedication and blessing process, being charged vibrationally on a specifically designed sacred altar for a total of nine days. Your amulet is energized in this sacred dedication ritual to its Spirit Helper.

Spirit Helpers

The goddess, god, angel, fairy, power animal or other spirit helper is limitless and all encompassing in it's power, so even if you invest in a Sacred Stones bracelet/amulet for one particular attribute, many of your other issues may also be transformed. During the blessing process, your Sacred Stones bracelet/amulet's energy is asked to attract the perfect energy for the exact person it is meant for, to help you transform in the areas and ways that are for your highest good.

Keepsake Card

Your Sacred Stones gemstone bracelet/amulet comes on a beautifully designed special keepsake card inscribed with the information specific to your amulet, including a description of the gemstones used, messages that offer you insight into how your Spirit Helpers have intended you to benefit from your bracelet/amulet, and instructions for wearing and cleansing it. Each card description contains about 400 words of information, specific to each individual bracelet. View our Keepsake Card Example

As a result, your Sacred Stones gemstone bracelet/amulet is not only a stunningly beautiful piece of jewelry, but a vibrant, enchanting personal amulet with an energy all it's own that help you transform your life.

Gemstone jewelry designed for personal growth ...
drawing on the innate sacred healing and transformational qualities of each gemstone.

Disclaimer: These bracelets are not intended to replace medical therapy of any kind or your personal responsibility for yourself and your choices.